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sorry i haven’t been on lately :(

i love all of you that have stayed with me throughout all of this. I’m now 13 months clean of heroin, im doing ok kind of.. i still get really depressed and whatever but idk i am just letting you all know that i am ok and alive. please message me

gemlikegem asked: Why, do YOU self harm?

its how I released any form of pain or depression. its been almost a year since i have last cut and there is still days that i think about it. but i realize that its not worth it…

Anonymous asked: What's your other blog?! I miss seeing your posts..

if you want my other  blog come off anon

enchanted-by-city-lights asked: Hey, Your blog is amazing an d your adorable. If you ever need someone to talk to im almost always on.

thank you :)

lovely-palms asked: everyone talks to you about their problems but if you ever need someone to talk im here

well thank you that means a lot

Anonymous asked: <3

<3 hearts for anon 

blood-dirty asked: oh darling, you are so fucking hot<3

thank you :)

fredrickgideonweasley asked: Hey. I don't know if you've moved on from tumblr or something, but i'm worried about you. It's been a long time since you've been on. I really hope you aren't dead. please don't be dead

hi don’t worry i’m not dead i got a job and that took up most of y life 

im actually doing very well. some depression every now and again but thats normal i suppose

Anonymous asked: Are you a racist ?


my newest tattoo :) i fucking love it so much!

hey guys… im really sorry i haven’t been on in a few months

i’m not dead or anything im actually doing very well! 

im now just about 6 months clean of heroin, im over 8 months clean of self harm. 

i moved back to chicago, got a job and just living life as it comes and goes. 

my other blog is:


Anonymous asked: would you cry if the bank you went into had green carpet

no? what the fuck? lol 

Anonymous asked: I love you <3

i love you more

Anonymous asked: I know exactly how you feel. And I know this may not sound like the right thing to say, but what keeps me going is that I know that one day it will all be over, and that I won't have to live on this earth anymore. And that it will be all better.

yea one day. “/

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